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    Top 3 ideas for setting up your Google Classroom for success

    Google Classrooms have revolutionized the way we teach and the way we learn. As a teacher, you can use Google Classrooms and set up group assignments, prepare videos to help your students study, and collect and even grade your students’ work. The best part is, all of this is done from the same place. 

    Setting up a Google Classroom is easy and takes only a few clicks. However, setting it up for success takes some extra effort. There are a number of things you can try to ensure your Google Classroom sessions are effective and successful and that your students learn the material properly. Here are some things you can try.

    Experiment With Presentation

    To ensure you retain student attention, you must focus on presenting the information in an exciting way. Using Google Classroom is more fun than using a regular board and marker. But with the internet open in another tab, distraction isn’t too far away. If students lose their attention for even a short amount of time, they may ignore the material and not study. But presenting the Google Classroom in a fun and engaging way may retain attention. You may use headers and other graphics in your Classroom that you can easily make with PosterMyWall’s Google classroom header templates.

    Not everyone has graphics designing knowledge and skills, and many won’t be able to create headers for these classrooms themselves. As such, templates will help you out not only by making the process easier but also by saving precious time as well. Since most of your time will be consumed in designing lessons, grading assignments, and the like, you won’t have much space for learning graphic designing. This is where PosterMyWall’s templates can come in handy.

    This is a great example of what you can do with your classes. This particular header can be used for a geography class. But similar ones can be adapted to whatever subject you may teach. 

    Plan Ahead

    As with lessons you’d deliver in a physical classroom, you must also plan your assignments and tests ahead of time for Google Classroom as well. The last thing you want is to be scrambling through your prepared material for an assignment you have to assign but misplaced. Google Classroom makes it easy for you here as you can go about this in two ways.

    You can launch your assignments when you plan them, reducing stress for both yourself and your students. The students will have time before the due dates and can work easily at their own pace. You can do the same with other announcements as well. When the due date comes, you may then collect the assignments and tests that you had put out earlier and grade them. 

    Alternatively, you can also create these assignments one unit at a time and schedule them to launch at a predetermined time. It gives you more time to plan and dedicate your energy to other classroom tasks during the week.

    Use Announcements For Communication

    During the school year, you will need to make several announcements. These may be related to different assignments, tests and quizzes, and other similar topics. Thanks to Google Classroom, you can easily inform your students about them via the Stream. In the Stream, look for the option that allows you to “share something with the rest of the class”. Here you can put up announcements and inform your students via text. You can also put up documents from Google Drive and even link up YouTube videos. 

    Graphical content has more retention among its viewers, and as such, it is recommended you use images such as posters for announcements. You can easily make these online class posters via PosterMyWall’s design interface. It will reduce the time and effort needed to make a poster substantially. No matter if you have experience with the matter or not, you will find it easy to use and may be able to make several posters in advance.

    The success of any class depends on the ability of the instructor to deliver even the most boring of materials in an engaging way. The usage of Google Classroom for your class may bring you closer to that goal but how you use it depends on you. The advice listed in the article above are some ways you can use Google Classrooms in a fun and engaging way to make your lessons interesting. The information would be readily available and students would feel less pressured to complete assignments and take tests digitally than say using pen and paper. Of course, there are other ways to utilize Google Classrooms for your class. But these ones listed above are easy to do and even the most technologically inept person will be able to use them effectively.

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