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    How to Find Related or Alternative Product Research Keywords on Amazon

    Millions of customers visit Amazon to shop for they need on the site. If you are selling on Amazon, you may be wondering how to go about the process of choosing the right products and advertising them for sale. The only thing you need is to use the Keyword Tool.

    Amazon FBA keyword tool product research is a simple process. You only need to use the Keyword Tool search or autocomplete suggestion feature for generating thousands of relevant and effective keywords for your products. The Keyword Tool can be used by both the Amazon FBA and Amazon affiliate sellers; this tool makes it easier for customers to find products easily.

    There’s a free Keyword Tool version and the paid one. The paid Keyword Tool version provides about two times more keywords as compared to the free one. It also gives sellers an access to many useful features, making the process of researching for keyword faster and easier.

    Does Using Amazon Keywords Drive More Traffic to your Products?

    There’s fierce competition on Amazon. Often, it’s a difficult process to get the needed visibility for your products and compete with your competitors. It’s easier for Vendors with large stores to promote their products and brand by using Amazon ads.

    If you are solo or a startup entrepreneur, you may be forced to spend more cash on marketing. Instead, you must be smart to be able to optimize your products, helping you to achieve organic clicks for the product listings.

    You can achieve this by using the Keyword Tool to locate related keywords to the products you want to sell. Upon getting the list of the Amazon search keywords with the highest search volumes, you should insert them in the appropriate sections. Remember to include these keywords in your Amazon category and product sections. Ensure that they are fully optimized and they can be understood easily by potential customers.

    Upon optimizing your online store using relevant keywords, you can wait and see if you are getting more organic visits than before. If not, continue updating your keywords to see what happens.

    Finding Related Keywords

    If you want to find related keywords, use the Keyword Tool and insert the description and the title of your product. Scroll down to view the whole list of the keywords related to the product and can be used in the description or title.

    There are several keyword options that can be include in the section for “Hidden Keywords” in the product listing, description, and title. If you don’t use the Keyword Tool, you may miss out on valuable and effective keywords that may help to draw more traffic to your page.

    You can expand the keyword list by visiting similar sites like Amazon that use similar selling techniques and get related keywords for your products from them. Since Amazon is the most popular online selling site, use those keywords on the site to draw more traffic. Create an expanded list that will help in making your SEO strategy successful.

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