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    4 departments that a business must need to have when starting

    There are a lot of small businesses starting in America every other day but we see that a good percentage of them close by the end of the year. This happens only because no proper planning was done for the business and everything that they did, was not up to the mark. So the best thing to do, when you are about to start a business, is to first properly plan everything and then move on to the further phases. 

    When you are in the process of planning for a new business, you need to make sure that all the necessary departments for the company, are well taken care of. So when you have got a good amount of research done for it, only then you would be able to get the required results. 

    Take a look at the list of all the departments that are necessary to be taken into consideration when you are starting a new business. 

    • Administration

    This department of any organization is the one that takes care of a lot of things going on in the office. And there are a good number of employees in it as well. there are managers, officers, receptionists, and a lot of others taking care of different tasks. They have to take care of meetings to be held, appointments to be made, and answer the queries of the clients. They have to keep the office organized and check everything around. 

    • Accounts

    The finances of the company are to be managed well and in the best of ways. And for that purpose, you will need to have an accounts department as well. someone who can take care of bookkeeping and finances of the company. You can have one person do it for you or can have a team dedicated to it. 

    • Marketing

    To introduce your product in the market and to get advertising done properly, you need to have a marketing department. They will take care of everything for you to advertise and provide proper marketing as well. 

    • Human resource

    The HR department is the one that does all the tasks of recruiting people for different jobs and connecting to them successfully. So the HR consulting firms are there and you can hire someone from them or the whole team for this purpose. 

    These are the important departments that you need to have in your firm when you start a new business

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